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700th Run Details

Zululand Hash House Harriers

The Zululand Hash House Harriers first run took place on Monday the 31st January 1994. Records are a bit on the thin side with memories being dulled by an excessive intake of Castle Lager.

The hash was formed by an enthusiastic Lloyd Balcomb who came back from running a Hash in Manilla hellbent on starting a Hash here. He has been a bit thin on attendance of late but that is another story. The founding Grand Master was Fred "Fiery" Volbrecht. Others at that first run included Dave Yardley, Tony "Boozy" Balmer, Lloyd "Pink Floyd" Balcomb, Rob Sully, "Zip" MacKenzie, "Haggis" MacDonald, Fergus "Fold-up" Upfold and "Nick Nack" Phillips. All others who were at run number 1, who are surfing the net and reading this and feel aggrieved by the lack of their name may contact me with a case of Castle and I will happily type it in.

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Grand Master : Rob "Raw Knob" Raw - GM@zuluhash.co.za
Religious Advisor : Steve "Avo Maggot" Lawrie - RA@zuluhash.co.za
Hon Sec : DannyEllis - OnSec@zuluhash.co.za
Hash Cash: Gerald "Mapillies" de Beer - HashCash@zuluhash.co.za
Run Night: Mondays (come rain or shine)
Cost : R30.00 including grog & grub.

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ZHHH Oldies Group
A genuine "Mug-Shot" of a group of the longer hashing ZHHH hounds. They are (from left to right)
Gavin "Low-range" Lawrie, Dave Rattray, Gerald "Hops'n Malt" de Beer, "Guzzi" Reeves, John "Slow Drip" Symons, "Fiery Fred" Volbrecht, Bruce "Cock 'n Ribs" MacDonald and Steve "Hill Billy" Lawrie.

Down - down Cock 'n Ribs!

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